The Eve of Invasion

by The Narrows

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released June 4, 2012



all rights reserved


The Narrows Manchester, UK

We are The Narrows. We make dark futuristic electro guilt pop. We do it with drumloops, synths and loud guitars. This year we have played T in The Park, FOM Fest and Eurocultured. We've headlined the O2 Academy2 in London and The Ruby Lounge in Manchester. We have supported PVT, S.C.U.M and Gallops. Our music has been played on BBC 6Music and supported by Zane Lowe and Tom Robinson. ... more

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Track Name: Able Danger
You made the evidence just disappear
and you made 19 men just reappear.
You hate, perpetuate and trade in fear.
You black the windows out so we can’t see things clear. We can’t see things clear.

A passport that survived the fall.
An open bag that wasn’t planned at all.
A broken mother who receives a call.
A thousand people, foetal, burned up in a ball.
Burned up in a ball.

How can you claim you had no idea
(despite your powers)
when your booklet had a crosshair
placed over the towers?

So what are you going to do about Schaffer?
He’s been discharged to go and push paper
and the specifics you’ll deal with later.
You’d kill a man with the pretence you make things safer.
But you don’t make things safer.
Track Name: We Invent Enemies
It doesn’t seem to me to make any sense
to spend 3 billion a week in defence. You lied.
Did no one listen here to Eisenhower
about the disastrous use of misplaced power? You lied. For every army that you send on a surge
there’s guiltless blood that you are willing to purge.
You lied.

My enemy is the little voice that lives inside of me.
It tells me to kill everything and not admit defeat.

A baby’s body in an outline of chalk;
a direct consequence of Tomahawk. You lied.
It breathes, it loves, it falls, it moves, it hates,
it never, ever fucking hesitates. You lied.
Yes, you lied.
Track Name: Boiler Room Girl
In Chappaquiddick(where the roads turn into graves) the water drinks me down.
Teddy thanked me for the work on their campaign.
He drove us out of town.

Their wives were gone.
Their eyes were on the girls, the drink, the time.
He strapped me in. He locked the door. Oh no.

We hit the water with a force that made me doubt
the world would ever know
the real story from my eyes, my heart, my mouth.
I tried to not let go.

But he swam away
and I rued the day I’d become so insecure
to let him impose his suit, his clothes, on me.

I found me a pocket of air. I tried to breathe it.

In Chappaquiddick.
Where the roads turn into graves.
Track Name: The Falling Man
I’m the only person here who laughed as the walls came down
Not with shock, or disbelief, but just knowing that right now
every choice I ever made was ultimately futile.
I’m the falling man. Before I land I’m hoping I might fly.
I hit the ground.

As I jumped I felt the cold release of my every thing.
I’m the falling man. Before I land I’m hoping I’ll grow wings.
I hit the ground.

And now I keep hearing me call out
your name as I head to the cold Ground Zero.
I can’t keep from crying.
I can’t help pretending I’m flying.
The only comfort I’ve got now
is I will no longer be around
when you decide you’re going to bomb it
when they didn’t even begin it.
Track Name: Cold Copy
I’ve been a victim of a terrible circumstance,
but I will sell you. I will sell to you every utterance.
I disagree with the ethics of your corporation,
but I will sell you all the details without any hesitation.
I held a vigil in the spotlight of a thousand cameras
and I will cry now at precisely the moment you want me to.
You have exclusive rights to me so I can be your headline,
but there’s a fine line; a fine line between what you think is right and what you know is wrong.

When I sold my soul, I sold my love
but the money never seems to be enough.

I have heard your voice.
It told me everything I’ll ever need to know.
Track Name: Counter Transference
I undressed you while you lay
unconscious from the bay.
As I dried your hair and face,
secretly you were awake.

The unattainable ideal.
Complete rejection of the real.
You fall with missionary zeal.

I strained to see you for the first time.
I strained to see you fall for the last time.
Track Name: I Make My Car Crash
You tax the shit out of me,
but you leave them well alone.
It’s not we’re too bind to see,
it’s that we’d rather not know
that while you lie to my face
you stick a knife in my back.
You say it’s not about race
and then you point out they were black.

I make my car crash. I feel alright!
I make my car crash in the dead of night.

You dumb your policies down
and then you try to appeal
to a confused sense of patriotic
passion and zeal.

We’re at war with Iran,
although you say that we’re not.
I’m tired of hearing the man tell me
my prospects are shot.

Come on! We’ll all die alone!
Track Name: Zapruder
The bullet was warm. I felt it go past me.
It missed me. I wish it missed you.
I cradled your head. Your eyes looked right through me. You threw me. You threw me away
and I will miss the way you make me cry.

I tried to get out but I couldn’t leave you.
You left me alone in a world
where I will miss the way you make me cry.
I saw every detail as you died.

My eyes. They caught your camera.
Your camera caught my heartbreak.
The truth in every single frame.

In the moment you fell away from me
I imagined no gun men.
No Cuba. No change of route. No triangulation.
No Warren. No Clay Shaw. No depository. No story. No Harvey. No lies.
Track Name: There are Ghosts in These Machines
Oh, you chip away at me.
You play away. You chip away at me
and everything you ever say to me
is terminology that I just do not understand.

Oh, my neck is hung dead on the FTSE 100.
You mutate the figures ‘till they sing
the song you programmed in and planned all those decades ago.

There are ghosts in these machines!
There are statistics in my dreams!
You are hardly any men. I am the 99%.

Oh, you got a bonus
from the men who think they own us.
I will strike you on the other cheek.
You turn to me ironically and you held out your hand.
Track Name: German Children
Tied to a bed, impotent despite the fire -
the raging fire.

A sleeve made of stars. The pathway is clear.
The guilt built will helm. The guilt built Wilhelm.

I killed you a bird. You opened my legs.
The consequence of innocence?

Disabled and blind. Unable to act.
Hypocrisy. Philosophy.

I’m too young to understand the bigger picture,
but I’m too old to forget the things I’ve learnt.

The eve of invasion.
It calls me like adolescence.